Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interesting editorial in Vogue Italia

This editorial with Lindsey Wixon in Vogue Italia is amazing in many ways. Firstly the clothes which the stylist have chosen is a perfect selection showing the colors and materials that will be popular this spring. Secondly the setting which the doll and model is placed in is spot-on, also the poses are very interesting (the doll has a plastic bag over its head, has Lindsey killed her?). The hair and make-up couldn't have been better, Lindsey looks like a doll but a high-fashion one.

There's a lot of PVC coats and dresses in different collections this spring (Mulberry has them in a variety of colors, Chanel has a transparent version, then my favorite Richard Nicoll with see-through plastic over the actual garment). Plastic raincoats has become popular these last seasons, many brands are producing them in different designs on a regular basis. I'm wondering if it has to do with the climate change, is it raining more than it used to?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Oufit - brrr

I got my invitation to the Cheap Monday fashion show in the mail today, an hour later I found myself in the wardrobe picking out my CM jeans. You might not believe it but I was oblivious - not thinking about the envelop I'd gotten earlier.

You can't believe the sound the accessories hanging from the knee makes, they resemble silver nails and it's two dozens of them formed like a triangle. It sounds like a bunch of keys are in my pocket and I can't go anywhere unnoticed, so subsequently I can't stand wearing them more than once in a while. Though I can't deny they are rad... I'm so happy I had this warm cap on when we took these photos it was freezing outside.

Chanel S/S Campaign

When I first saw Chanel's campaign I didn't know where it had been taken it could be any ocean in the background that Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls were modeling in front of. But later I checked Chanel's homepage, it wasn't a big surprise Karl and his team had chosen the infamous Cap-Eden-Roc to be the setting for this shoot (it was also where Chanel held their Resort fashion show). The notorious hotel has seen more stars than any equivalent five star housing and is "the" hotspot during Cannes Film Festival. I can tell you now what I wish for: is to stay at this gorgeous sanctuary during the festival. But back to the stunning campaign, I love the setting even if few would use it for high-fashion; trapezes and gymnastic bars high above ocean-level. The sky merging with the water... I dare to say this photo will be highlighted in the history of Chanel (see below), there's something very classical about this picture but it's still today's top models wearing new clothes which stands for the very essence of Chanel (though a remark that should be made is that this photo could have been taken thirty years ago, nothing is clearly saying this is 2012, especially not the garments).
Funny Karl is the only one sitting and everyone else is focused on the magic that is happening. Now we know how many people are needed for a Chanel shoot.

Photos: © CHANEL

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

McQueen - Porcelain Dresses

I'm fascinated by the detail and the craftsmanship of the porcelain dresses that Sarah Burton created for the Alexander McQueen F/W collection -11. In an interview on Youtube she said:

"We hand-painted 10 different plates. Then we sort of dissected them as if it was broken, so we did a pattern like it was broken. Then we engineered the image onto a bodice. Then we handcut all the porcelain pieces out from the mold we had. Then we made each of those pieces again individually and numbered them. It was like a jigsaw puzzle.

I say this idea was a stroke of genius, but they could have elaborated on it even further. Surely it would have been possible to do a whole collection of this theme/material. If I had been asked o remove an element it would have been the white puffy fabric, and for the design to only consist of this beautiful porcelain puzzle.

I got these images via Agnes.

Today's Outfit

My new dark green hat was a real bargain, I'll wear it the next time I'm going out at night for a cocktail or whatever... Such a shame you can't see my earrings with pink feathers better, there's not only one chain, it's a bunch of them hanging together (with small pink diamonds).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hot jewellery you shouldn't miss

Andrea Leiberman, commonly known for being Gwen Stefani's stylist, also has her own clothing line named A.L.C. She recently launched her very first jewellery collection, for Holiday 2012. They are simple minimalistic pieces but with a cool touch. I got interested in them because it's unusual to see twisted nails as a personal adornment. Leiberman told Style Section LA that she strives "to make pieces that are the perfect balance of modern and classic. I want them to feel new now and still feel relevant in 20 years. They are timeless pieces with an edge." This is what most designers strive for but I'll let these photos speak for themselves. You can find the whole collection at Shopbop.

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Month's Style Icon - Eva Green

After seeing the movie The Dreamers (I highly recommend you watch it) with Eva Green for the second time I was certain I should have her as this month's style icon. Her always present charisma is a factor no one can deny. It might be that her eyes are like Mona Lisa's that makes one want to know more. After looking through red carpet photos of Green I got even more interested in her outfit choices which never lacks the classical element and elegance, her French heritage always apparent - she's a huge fan of Dior as many others who seek the true Parisian glamour of a past era. A pleasant surprise was that she also loves Alexander McQueen, often seen with a clutch or dress from the brand.
I'm looking forward seeing her in Tim Burton's new movie opposite Johnny Depp, which will be out in May. Odds are high we will see the film premier in Cannes, then I have no doubt Green will be walking down the carpet in a beautiful gala dress.

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