Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Month's Style Icon - Caroline De Maigret

Since I saw Caroline de Maigret at a bar named Le Sans Souci in Paris where the band The Parisians was playing,  I've loved her cool look. The band was sitting on the bar counter looking a bit trashy but hot, their lead singer's appearance reminds of Mick Jagger's.  Before the gig I'd fallen in love with their video (watch it here) and I had no idea Maigret was their producer then. But after a song or two I turned around and she was standing just next to me looking like the ultimate chic Parisienne woman, also watching them play some fantastic acoustic songs.
But more recently I noticed her at NY fashion week, she was wearing a yellow blazer over an all-black look. One can see miles away that she's a former model but few dresses so effortless and looks smashing.

 Me in front of The Parisians (playing at the bar counter) in 2010

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Naina said...

Love her bright yellow blazer in the first photo - it would match perfectly with the neon shoes I'm currently wearing!

zrno radosti said...

she is an icon, ideed! i'm your new follower :) stop by on my blog!