Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And Yellow Paper's Showroom

Yesterday I visited "And Yellow Paper's" showroom/store where I looked at their A/W -12 winter collection and interviewed the designer Robert Gül. My interest had risen for the label a couple of weeks ago when I saw their S/S -12 collection and immediately feel for a pair of pants with pink and black stripes. Now I was actually there touching and looking at the details which really is Gül's trademark. He focuses as much time on the front of the garment as the back, few has such sense of the back side as this man. The leather details, a wise design move, perfect on the dark orange shirt, both on the grey and black pants, and also on my favorite: the black dress with a thick patch of leather attached to the back but also some transparent fabric over the shoulders (a detail that looks even more stunning in person). I got an understanding of how important the fit is for Gül, he wants to show a woman's curves, often using French stitching to achieve this. He's uncertain if the Swedish women are the perfect clientèle for him, he believes women from bigger metropolis as Paris, Madrid and London might be more interested in wearing his creations. For me these clothes are the obvious choice for whoever wants to look elegant at work or for a night out, and the prices are very reasonable. Currently you can purchase And Yellow Paper in their store or at

And Yellow Paper's S/S -12 Collection

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amazing collection!