Monday, February 27, 2012

On My Mind - segment

Jeremy Scott's color-sample dress has been on my mind since NY fashion week, it's such a fun dress I just wished it was a little bit shorter. At the same time I understand why it has to have that length, it's clearly because Scott wants to have all the nuances - it starts where it ends, if you see what I mean.

Then there's Haider Aikerman's amazing creations that always pop up in my mind, especially this Burgundy-colored suite with pirate-pants. Anja Rubik looks as cool as Jack Sparrow and Emmanuelle Alt shows us her styling talent in this editorial for Vogue (Paris).

The second I saw this Fendi bag I was beyond inspired, it looks like a surrealistic artwork. This is without a doubt a safe card if you want to be photographed by Tommy Ton.

Repossi, the French jewelery designer located on one of my favorite squares in Paris, Place de Vendome, has incredible creations. Check out their page here.

I want these cute leather ears, it's tremendously popular to have ears on head-wear like beanies and caps (Givenchy has them). In this specific photo the accessories are from the brand Mise en Cage.

These sunglasses are fun, perfect for a vacation photo in Paris but maybe not for everyday use. They're very cheap and can be bought at ASOS.

This fur is very cool and in combination with a minimalistic outfit in one single color like black it could work very well.  Meadham & Kirchhoff designed this look, they had the craziest show at London fashion week. It was sparkling and like a rainbow, they are daring and should be celebrated for that.

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