Thursday, February 9, 2012

New York Fashion Week - The Best Links

Today NY Fashion Week begins and almost all shows will be live streamed, my tip is to check:

First the official site, so you can see the schedule.
Secondly, all of the designers Facebook pages, they always link to their streams.

This is the best YouTube channel:
If you want see some fantastic Street Style photos taken by no other than Tommy Ton:
Another great site would be the one I write for,

and of course you can always pop by my blog and see the hottest looks selected from a massive amount. I mean that's why we bloggers exist to choose between all the content out there... and to evaluate, also to critique (I would like to see more of this).

Last season Donna Karen had a cool show: they opened the doors to the street where a yellow cab had parked. I hope we'll see as inspiring shows the coming days.

DKNY S/S -12

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