Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 2: Stockholm Fashion Week

The second day couldn't start off with less inspiration - a show from the students at Beckman's College of Design (which by the way topped everything else all week). Everyone of them only got to show three pieces though they instantly succeeded in giving the audience a good perspective of the talent they posses. Some of them showed even more prominent work than others, my personal favorite was Lisa Laurell Amandonico's CONSTRUCTION, DECONSTRUCTION, with a white dress that looked like Givenchy couture but in a new interpretation and one could see it was inspired by the female body; in some ways it felt like the structure of the garment was even influenced by the human skeleton. I must add it was a great idea to give out a lookbook with very detailed information about the whole show which was named MATERIAL, it was put together with photos taken in the stunning location of the Stucco Master's apartment.

The next show I had to hurry to was The Local Firm's, all of the garments were black or grey with an exception of a orange skirt and a red jacket. Here Givenchy seemed to have been on their minds, especially when creating black skirts with part of them in transparent fabric.

I had a little break before catching a press-bus from Raoul Wallenberg's square to a remote industry area outside the city where Cheap Monday held their show. Seen at front-row was an icon of fashion journalism, Hillary Alexander from The Telegraph, and one of the top fashion bloggers, The Clothes Whisperer. The collection Ann-Sofie Back had created didn't attract my fancy, surprisingly I can't see myself buying any of the pieces as I usually do at CM's shows; previously I've always found something fierce. After such a long day, never sitting down more than for ten minutes, I went to see the last show of the day, Busnel.

The Local Firm's show

Hilary Alexander from The Telegraph at the Cheap Monday show

Laurell Amandonico

Beckmans College of Design's show


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