Monday, February 6, 2012

The Best from Stockholm Fashion Week

Dagmar A/W Collection
Dagmar's fashion show consisted of the hottest looks during the whole week. even payed attention to them, who often lets Stockholm Fashion Week pass them by without writing anything: "Dagmar was the highlight of the day, if not the week."
I would definitely wear their long dresses (showing a lot of leg), when I go out any evening and the leather top (first from the left) was the coolest creation. The three sisters behind the brand should be more than proud of this A/W collection, it doesn't only look incredible but it will sell.

1. Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
2. Rodebjer
3. The Local Firm
4. Tiger of Sweden

5. Carin Wester
6. Filippa K
7. Tiger of Sweden
8. Carin Wester


allure-edition said...

wow, wonderful looks. i love the label tiger of sweden

Mila said...

Amazing blog!

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diana kang said...

this is so cool! i like your layout! xx