Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Oufit - brrr

I got my invitation to the Cheap Monday fashion show in the mail today, an hour later I found myself in the wardrobe picking out my CM jeans. You might not believe it but I was oblivious - not thinking about the envelop I'd gotten earlier.

You can't believe the sound the accessories hanging from the knee makes, they resemble silver nails and it's two dozens of them formed like a triangle. It sounds like a bunch of keys are in my pocket and I can't go anywhere unnoticed, so subsequently I can't stand wearing them more than once in a while. Though I can't deny they are rad... I'm so happy I had this warm cap on when we took these photos it was freezing outside.


Ash Louise said...

OH it look ssooo cold there. But at least you look super bundled. I totally laughed when I heard about your jeans and how much noise they make, haha :) But they are pretty rad.

Anonymous said...

Goood looking. Har du köpt dina svarta boots på

Mary said...

I like you jeans!So good on you ! i like your hair and bag colour!