Wednesday, January 18, 2012

McQueen - Porcelain Dresses

I'm fascinated by the detail and the craftsmanship of the porcelain dresses that Sarah Burton created for the Alexander McQueen F/W collection -11. In an interview on Youtube she said:

"We hand-painted 10 different plates. Then we sort of dissected them as if it was broken, so we did a pattern like it was broken. Then we engineered the image onto a bodice. Then we handcut all the porcelain pieces out from the mold we had. Then we made each of those pieces again individually and numbered them. It was like a jigsaw puzzle.

I say this idea was a stroke of genius, but they could have elaborated on it even further. Surely it would have been possible to do a whole collection of this theme/material. If I had been asked o remove an element it would have been the white puffy fabric, and for the design to only consist of this beautiful porcelain puzzle.

I got these images via Agnes.

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Rita said...

That's stunning, really looks like the portuguese azulejos!