Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interesting editorial in Vogue Italia

This editorial with Lindsey Wixon in Vogue Italia is amazing in many ways. Firstly the clothes which the stylist have chosen is a perfect selection showing the colors and materials that will be popular this spring. Secondly the setting which the doll and model is placed in is spot-on, also the poses are very interesting (the doll has a plastic bag over its head, has Lindsey killed her?). The hair and make-up couldn't have been better, Lindsey looks like a doll but a high-fashion one.

There's a lot of PVC coats and dresses in different collections this spring (Mulberry has them in a variety of colors, Chanel has a transparent version, then my favorite Richard Nicoll with see-through plastic over the actual garment). Plastic raincoats has become popular these last seasons, many brands are producing them in different designs on a regular basis. I'm wondering if it has to do with the climate change, is it raining more than it used to?


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