Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dior and Armani - Haute Couture Week

My favorite shows from the Haute Couture Week in Paris are Dior and Armani, even though I thought Dior didn't bring anything new to the table. Instead the dresses which the models wore were of an old repertoire; the iconic Dior shape once again referenced the label’s 1950s glory days. Nothing bad in this at all, the magnificent show and the beauty of the models made one forget what time era we're in. I was mesmerized by the couture craftsmanship. When Karlie Kloss walked down the staircase and onto the catwalk, she did it with such elegance and confidence that all the other models looked like debutantes.

The Armani show was more futuristic and the silhouettes intriguing. It was clear that the iconic designer didn’t rely on the old heritage of the house as the other designers did. Everything felt fresh and new, something that is hard to accomplish when you’re creating couture, the skirts looked stunning with their misshaped folding. The collection consisted mostly of jackets with the perfect shape and lots of neon.

Armani Couture


Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Wow The Armani collection is amazing! Kisses <3<3

Christina said...

I got a bit of a problem in Giorgio Armani spring/summer 2012 couture. I hate green.

Christina @ Ralph Lauren 2 Button Suits