Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Best Spring Campaigns

My favorite campaign photo was Bottega Veneta's featuring Karmen Pedaru, who looks absolutely breathtaking in a green creation which automatically made its way to the top of my wish-list (SOLD!). It's hard to move on to the next one with this picture in my mind...

Valentino had a refreshingly beautiful spring collection for 2012 and it really shows in these photos, an important variable when shooting such an ad. The new designers of the brand has embraced the boho-chic look many Fashionistas crave and the color pallet is just perfect.

Nina Ricci had my favorite fall campaign if you remember and this one is no less impressive. Who doesn't want to run and have the dress look like that moving in the wind (light purple is a plus) and you can barely see that it's the super model Raquel Zimmermann, it's all about the photo and the amazing shadows.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue


naiad said...

nina ricci had my favorite campaign too!!!!!
you have such a great blog. i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!

Eva said...

Nina Ricci! Wow, so gorgeous <3

Nuar said...

Hey, Carolina!
Those spring campaigns you picked are stunning! I love Bottega Veneta and Nina Ricci's!! Besides, you'll see some of the best shoes from Bottega next spring!
Hope to have you visit my blog from time to time. You know, I'm followwing you!
Bisous, Maria José

Britt+Whit said...

ooh the Valentino campaign was stunning and Karmen is just so gorgeous!

love from San Francisco,