Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On My Mind

First and foremost the neon clothes in the photo (on the top) is really incredible and exactly the type of look I want to wear this spring. It looks like it could be Christopher Kane but I'm not 100% sure, if you know I hope you make a comment.

Secondly this winter it seems to be tremendously popular with long knits, on my wish list you'll find a long cardigan from ADAM (not shown in the picture above).

Thirdly there has been a lot of talk these last weeks about Karlie Klosse's body and I'm definitely on the side that thinks the picture of her is not photoshopped. For you who are unfamiliar with this rumor, it all started after Karlie appeared naked in an editorial in Vogue Italia. One will find evidence for her perfectly sculptured body in the video Vogue released and you can read Grarance Doré's blog where she states that this beautiful model lives a very healthy lifestyle. I think these photos taken by master Steven Meisel really makes people desire a more healthy lifestyle, she is clearly not anorectic (she has muscles).

The fourth photo shows the window display at Dolce & Gabbana's store. It makes me want to fast forward to Christmas eve and dinner time. But at the same time I get anxious, I haven't found the perfect holiday dress yet.

Last but not least Karl Lagerfeld will be the global guest editor for Metro International newspapers. “The World According to Karl” edition will kick off the Metro’s Fashion Week coverage. This is exciting as is his new line which will be released soon at Net-a-porter. Someone posted this photo on Facebook, it looks like it's taken in Russia. They seem somewhat early it's not until the 7th of February it will be released.

My last photos from my US trip

The last two days in the US I spent in Los Angeles and one of those days I was dressed like this. At the evening it got really cold so I put on a coat over this outfit. When it was dark we went to the Getty Museum which is located high up on a hill, we took the tram up and wondered around the gallery halls and looked at the amazing permanent collection. The view from this location is splendid, it might have been even more breath taking if it had been day light. But there is still something very enjoyable about walking around a building with such impressive architecture, also the sound of all the fountains are very soothing. A perfect end to my trip, I'll definitely miss the weather, my friends and my dear sister.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bags which will put color on both winter and spring

1. Maison Givenchy bag
2. Dior
3. Jil Sander
4. Classical Bayswater in a powerful color
5. Alexander MacQueen clutch
6. Pucci, Python box clutch