Saturday, November 26, 2011

All my TellusFashion posts

I hope your reading my posts at TellusFashion, I spend a lot of time writing for their blog and now also Magazine. It may be why there have been fewer posts here, but I'm going to better myself and next week I'll update every day. In the meantime check out these:

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The sun is shining and its warm in the gardens. I decided to pour myself a glass of raspberry lemonade and read the new STYLE.COM print, which I received very late last Friday. I had been waiting a week for it to arrive and finally it did. With excitement I opened it and looked through it, but there wasn't many long articles which I had hoped for. It was more the type of paper that you thumb through and look at the photos from various collections and parties, and a long "sort of a editorial" with the cover model Lindsey Wixon (where a photographer follows her to various cities). Though I must say that it was the best from the site; there are style notes, "get the look", "top ten best dressed" and many more top ten lists like new models, party animals, bags, collections, etc.

You can see which collection has had the most page views, something I think they just put in to fill the pages, totally irrelevant. But having Tommy Ton's images on glossy paper is something special that I always wanted, so that I can cut them out and put them on my fridge or my bulletin board. Another positive thing, a breeze of fresh air in the paper, is that if you compare with other magazines there aren't too many advertisement pages.

There are a few segments which really caught my eye like. "Le Clique, C'est Chic" where the editors made circles and placed various fashion designers and people of the fashion crowd so the reader can see the relations between everyone and who's connected. Another one is "a fashion map" of the city of Milan which was beautifully put together with drawings and photos, and I must add that it's a very accurate map (a note from someone who's recently visited the city for fashion week). A page which was fun to look through was "tweet chic" featuring tweets from diverse fashion profiles. It must have been hard just picking a few.
The format of the print might be the most appealing thing of all, we'll see how this paper evolves after a few seasons. It will be released semi-annually. I'll finish off this post with a quote from the editor-in-chief Dirk Standen:

"Watching the shows this season, there was a nagging feeling that something was out of whack. At a time when we have witnessed an Arab Spring and a Wall Street Occupation where was the sense of rebellion that is the lifeblood of fashion? (It may be a few years before we realize what the loss of Galliano and McQueen means.)"

Ulyana Sergeenko F/W 2011

Four words that define the clothes in Ulyana Sergeenko's lookbook: elegant, sophisticated, flirty and sexy. Something tells me I've spotted her creations before, but then I can't really place where I've seen them. I can't imagine how such exquisite creations passed me by. All of her garments have defining lines and shows the curves of a woman's body beautifully. I recently read in's magazine that she might be en route to Louis Vuitton and wouldn't that be great? I would be frilled if they picked a fresh designer like Ulyana. She clearly has the right vision and creates the most feminine clothes.

Photos: Highsnobette