Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Nights = 3 Outfits

Jimi Hendrix guitar and clothes

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Reads

I should have done this a long time ago but finally I have put up a list of links, "Daily Reads", that you'll find to the left if you scroll down, just under archives. It's a list of blogs I follow in alphabetical order, so it's important to note that the list is not sorted by favorites. Also the photo above is just a random selection of blogs. There is such a large amount of blogs I follow in Goggle Reader and I was not able to put them all in my list.

I will add new blogs I find inspiration from to my list as time passes by. One thing I think is very important for all bloggers is to share links between each other and create networks. Recently I read an interview with a well-known blogger and this person was asked which fashion blogs she reads. The answer was "none"; this got me puzzeled and resentful. How can a fellow blogger not want to check out other similar pages when the person is in the same "business"/ has the same interests? How will one improve if not by looking at other bloggers?

There is surely a bunch out there who think that if a blog is successful then it has to have a lot of readers and the other way around. It might be true... Something that is important for those who have a large amount of readers (some may say successful) is to share were they find inspiration, and everyone should consider adding a list or have a reoccurring segment (post on the blog) with up-and-coming blogs. There are a few out there who do this and you know how great you are. I enjoy finding new blogs I never visited before. I always feel I want to share "finds" with my readers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Month's Style Icon - Julia Sarr Jamois

First time I saw Julia Sarr Jamois was outside Moshino's fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. It was in March this year; she looked stylish as always and Mr Newton was standing in front of her trying to snap the best angle for Harper's Bazaar. I was not far away from her, getting my own picture taken by another street-style photographer and glancing over my shoulder to see this style goddess. I did a small post before about one of Julia's maybe most seen outfits, check it out here. I think she's a photographer's dream, always with such variated clothing choices and cool combinations. I will let these pictures speak for themselves...

October's Icon: Caroline Sieber
September's Icon: Abbey-Lee Kershaw
August's Icon: Paz de la Huerta
July's Icon: Lou Doillon
June's Icon: Shalom Harlow
May's Icon: Patti Smith
April's Icon: Rosie Huntington Whitley
March's Icon: Keira Knightley

Singing in the old bars, Swinging with the old stars...

Autumn has finally made it's way to California and when I say finally it's not in a positive sens. Colder winds and freezing nights are what lay ahead for us in this beach and palm filled state. Some trees lose their leafs others don't, it may still look like summer here except on the photo above (it's taken for you Europeans at home, I don't want you to only see tanned and bare legs).
We went to this venue we never sat foot in before, it was the hipster joint named "El Dorado", a cocktail lounge with a mix of Mexican decor and Old West-inspired style. They get lots of kudos for booking a great female DJ this evening.