Saturday, November 12, 2011

On My Mind...

1. (on the left) Rosie Huntington Whitley in an editorial for Vogue (Germany), the red leather coat from Burberry is just divine.
2.: David Lynch standing with Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis. Mario Testino in the background with a facial expression that looks a little bit forced (he might be feeling he needs to look away...). But that's not what's on my mind, I'm thinking about Lynch and his new club in Paris Silencio, which I'm dreaming about visiting when I'm back in Paris. One more thing: I'm always thinking about Karl and what he's up to next (click here). I also wonder if Vanessa and Johnny Depp has split or if it's just rumors...
3. (on the left), Victoria's Secret held their yearly fashion show in New York and Kanye West was one of many who preformed, but what stuck on my mind is this pink leather jacket, I love the scribblings, very cool. I look forward seeing the show on TV in a couple of weeks.
4. The newly opened Gucci Museum in Florence which I would love to visit this upcoming spring. I wrote a post about it on TellusFashion, read it here.
5. A beautiful house with an unbelievable pool and it has the most breathtaking view. I found this photo on ( check out my profile here). The architecture of this house is on my mind but this site is really addictive, I can't stop looking at pictures and I'm bursting with inspiration.
6. Mechanical Karl Lagerfeld dolls in Chanel's holiday window display at PRINTEMPS in Paris, photo courtesy of Purple Diary

Friday, November 11, 2011

We Are Handsome

I've seen a lot of "We Are Handsome" creations lately, street-style photos of girls wearing their designs and I've also noticed many bloggers are rockin their tights. The name of the label has unbelievably passed me by until yesterday, when I was checking Smashbox Studios blog "yello!" (a creative cultural blog), which I often do because it's very informative about cool stuff and happenings (like events in LA). If your unfamiliar with Smashbox they have three studios in the LA area (their most famous in West Hollywood, where many of the top magazine shoot their covers) and one in Boston . But back to the Aussie based swimwear label, which is on everybody's lips right now. I wouldn't say no to the body with a reindeer or the dress with a bear head.

Image Courtesy yello!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sun is Setting

We skipped lunch unintentionally, so why not a piece of cherry pie we thought...? But then we decided upon something that would still our hunger more, we went for loads of sushi. We ordered in plates of different tasty rolls and a Bento Box. I wish Sweden would adopt the Sushi chefs here in California and make all kinds of rolls with cream cheese, tempura and other delicious ingredients. All the main-stream restaurants in Sweden only serves two types of sushi, just rice with salmon on top and rolls with cucumber, crab stick and mayo, they need to spice it up some more.

The Very First Vogue Cover

Vogue (US) 1893, The first ever cover of Vogue

Vogue Paris Inaugural Issue, June 15, 1920

Images: The Fashion Spot

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today's Craving - Louboutin Heels

Photo Courtesy of Louboutin's Facebook

This photo is from the Christian Louboutin's window at Barneys in New York, and I must say that they succeeded with a cool staging that's very suiting, with spears pointing at the leg and foot. I would love to get my hands on a pair like these with spikes, they look very fierce indeed.

The cover of the book
Image Courtesy of The Spiel

Christian Louboutin is celebrating 20 years in the shoe business with a book release, he held a party at Barneys in New York and days later one at their sister store in Beverly Hills.

Christian carrying Blake Lively from the party at Barneys

Photo: Splash Copyright

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Balboa Park

A stroll around beautiful Balboa, a cultural park, where you can find San Diego Museum of Art, photographic arts and natural history museums, a botanical garden, a theater, the Spanish Art Village and many interesting buildings. It was a hot and sunny day. After we had visited "Museum of Man" we sat down for a picnic on a meadow overlooking the Japanese garden. Just relaxing under the shade of a tree with treats like different cheeses, wine, crackers and grapes . I wish every day could be like this one...

Vogue Australia goes to Africa with two Western models

Vogue Australia's December issue made me upset but at the same time one must recognize the flawless styling (referring to the Kate Fogarty shoot). Isabel Lucas covers this issue and in big letters it's printed "Fashion Gone Wild". I was shocked that they had two very extensive editorials shot in Africa, but it wasn't this which got me on my toes. It would have been fine if they had gone with only "Isabel in Africa" but doing another shoot without having an African model representing the country (whichever they photographed in) isn't particularly wise. We all know that "white" models dominate, which means that they're hired for most photo-jobs in the industry's biggest magazines. Few mention this and fashion bloggers are often criticized for just not criticizing the papers out there.
After Interview Magazine's issue last year which caused quite the stir with Daria Werbowy posing among a group of African models, many wrote that the editorial showed Daria as a star among "random" models who were just accessories, and one got the feeling that there were racist undertones. Refinery29 wrote at the time something that is very true: "Fashion is at its core a political and social product—how power relationships are set up in editorials can speak volumes." (Tip! Watch this video clip with Nick Knight at about "political fashion.")
I can see how the people behind Vogue Australia might have been thinking that they were on this beautiful continent, where they had their photographer Max Doyle on location and their fashion editor acting as a stylist, and when they had traveled so far why don't do two photo-shoots, but still they could have chosen another model other than their favorite Katie Fogarty.

For my Swedish readers, two articles you must check: here1 and this one.

Katie Fogarty (Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

Isabel Lucas in front of the most amazing tree (Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)