Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walking my dog Simba

When you're walking the dog in California, whether it's San Diego or Los Angeles the neighborhoods change from one block to another. First you might see pretty green lawns ,then dry ones, later a beautiful painting of dolphins, seconds later you're in a back alley. If you're on a "good" street which means a safe one, on the end of that street there might be a not as nice neighborhood.
This day was special though, the police seemed interested in what we were doing, we minding our own business just snapping some photos for the blog. The police car parked on the opposite corner of us, so strange. Maybe they where enyoing the view, looking at a mini photo-shoot or what ever...

Paule Ka Spring 2012

I just discovered the French brand Paule Ka and thought I had to share it with you guys. I love the shoes with straps up to the knee, in booth bronze and black. The knit dress looks comfy and chic, the transparent skirt looks super cool, but I don't know about having so little under the coat; it's better if you can see a dress under it.

Jag upptäckte nyligen det franska märket Paule Ka och jag hade inga tvivel, utan kände att jag behövde dela med mig av detta till er. Jag älskar nämligen skorna med band virade om smalbenet, både i brons och svart. Den stickade klänningen ser riktigt mysig ut och mycket trendriktig, den genomskinliga plastkjolen väckte mitt intresse direkt då den verkligen sticker ut och sedan den genomskinliga regnkappan som blivit allt vanligare, tycker jag är cool men man borde bära något mer täckande under som en klänning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can bums be fashionable?

When you're in California you can't miss that on too many street corners there are bums or maybe it's better to call them homeless people, standing face dirty and sometimes with a sign that says they need some money to live.
So when I found this editorial from the French magazine Antidote, I thought it was appropriate for the subject.
I'm always thinking that a country as big as the USA should focus more on the people in need in their own country, even though they have a large deficit. It's been a decade of war and sometimes one forget that too many people are living in this country without a roof over their heads.
So back to the fashion world or lala land, the model Magdalena Frackowiak channels her inner bum in these photos. I must say that th stylist of Antidote did a great job and they choose some great locations in Paris. If you haven't heard of this paper before check it out, it's definitely an up and comer in my book.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thread Show, Little Italy Fiesta and..

This Sunday we went to Thread Show, a fashion event in Horton Plaza, where emerging designers showcase their work. I walked around for a while and checked out all the indie designers, though my interest was drawn to an artist who was painting live (see photo further down). After this we got really hungry and walked over to Little Italy where it was a big fiesta with thousands of people walking the streets, eating delicious Italian food and listening to a singer preforming Nessun Dorma (Puccini) live. After eating too many meatballs with pasta we stepped by this amazing art gallery and later found ourselves walking in the harbor smelling the ocean.

I söndags besökte vi Thread Show - en tillställning där modedesigners som är nykomlingar kan visa upp sina kläder, smycken och handväskor. Vi gick en snabb runda på den lilla modemässan men det jag fann mest intressant var faktiskt en konstnär som stod och målade på ett verk som var märkt "Art kills artists" (se bilden längst ner). Efter detta hade vi självklart blivit hungriga och begav oss till en annan del av staden: området "Little Italy", där det hölls en stor gatufest med flera tusen människor; små stånd hade ställts upp där det serverades italiensk mat och en sångare uppträde med den berömda arian Nessun Dorma (från Puccinis Turandot). Några köttbullar med pasta senare begav vi oss på en promenad i hamnen för att beskåda det glittrande havet.

Today's Craving - Karlie Kloss's dress

Carine Rotifeld's ball was held at the renowned club Raspoutine in Paris, not an important fact but I visited this spot frequently when I was living there. So back to what I was saying, one of the absolute hottest models right now is Karlie Kloss. Of course she attended this party and was wearing an extremely cool dress which was showing not too much but not nearly little. I would love to wear it on Halloween or on another occasion...

Carine Rotifeldl höll en bal under modeveckan i Paris på klubben Raspoutine, en av mina favoritställen när jag bodde i den vackra staden. En av de absolut hetaste modellerna just nu Karlie Kloss bar en häftig kreation som inte visade för mycket, men inte i närheten av för lite. Jag skulle inte säga nej till att bära den på Halloween eller någon annan tillställning.

Photos By: Olivier Zahm (Purple Diary)