Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flaunt Magazine

Me with James Franco's ass under my arm
Last week I met up with two guys who both work for Flaunt magazine. We had some Champagne in their hotel room at Hard Rock Hotel (the photo above is from the lobby) and thumbed through the magazine. I'd never heard of this cool paper before and I don't understand how it could've passed me by. Later I googled Flaunt and rediscovered something, I'd seen their editorials at the Fashion Gone Rogue site a couple of times. One of them really caught my eye with supermodel Stephanie Seymour rockin "only" and lots of Azzedine Alaïa creations. A couple of spreads like that in a paper makes one impressed - to have a model wear solely one designer.
Something else I found out after my research was that they really have the most stunning covers like the two below which are prime examples: Naomi Campbell sitting in front of a wall of bleach packages, a hole in the wall shows us a war zone outside, next to her is a machine gun.. I could comment a lot more about this but I'll leave it at that; the other one with Joaquin Phoenix is memorable and it could well have been Johnny Cash setting fire to his guitar. But not only this, the content of the paper was really intriguing.
This specific number I got from my friends actually had a lot of interviews plus pictures of cast members of Boardwalk Empire (my favorite tv-show right now). Which means photos of too cool for school Paz de la Huerta (my style icon of the month some time ago).

Naomi Campbell

My breakfast and Flaunt magazine (the James Franco ass issue actually has two covers, this is the one on the inside) on the table.

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