Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top-picks from TellusFashion

Hopefully you know by now that I'm blogging for Tellusfashion and they are selling beautiful creations of emerging designers. I've chosen my top-picks and I had a hard time deciding on just a few, so the list ended up really long. All can be bought on

Ekaterina Kukhareva dress
Strikingly beautiful, with fringes on the shoulders and hanging down the waist which makes it more dreamy.
Krishna Ramji bag
The blue color and the handy work on this bag really makes it one of a kind.

Dauphine dress
An exquisite and playful dress, I love the color combination.

Jerboa Jewellery, necklace
You can't take your eyes off this piece, colorful or elegant and white?

Marco Martinco leather jacket
It's hard to only pick one, the black leather one with studs or the green suede.

Milfani shoes
A baroque spin on the classic black stiletto, you can get them in different colors, leopard and zebra prints.

Adolfo Sanches dress,
Such a gorgeous creation and complementary for once body.
Trisori earrings
Gold plated with green zircon inset.


NerdGlasses said...

Following you hope you do the same here <3

samantha rae said...

i love the necklaces!

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