Monday, November 28, 2011

Terry's photography beckons...

Terry Richardson is truly a great fashion photographer, his editorials never stops to inspire. There's always something crazy and fun going on which intrigues. But something that is very rare with cameramen like this, who takes on everything from high fashion photos for iD-Magazine to a small campaign shoot for Happy Socks, is that he can distance himself from his "craziness" and create a magical spread which is clean, like this one, and lacks the "Terry stamp". Though he rarely does one like this, he only shoots this type of editorial for magazines like Vogue and, his latest one for Harper's Bazaar, with the model Eniko Mihalik.

Here in California the winter season is behind the corner and for all I know it may already have hit Europe. When I go back to Stockholm to celebrate Christmas it will definitely look like in these photos which means snow literally everywhere. Some might find it hard to dress up and look elegant in winter wonderland. But don't worry, you can always get inspiration from what Eniko is wearing in these photos. I've fallen in love with the stunning red fur, it looks very cozy.

I want to explain one more thing about Terry and how I discovered him, I'm not a 100% sure but I think it was two years ago when I was reading Purple Diary, Oliver Zahms blog. If you didn't already know they are good friends and collaborators on Purple Magazine. I saw a picture of him from a party Zahm had attended and I didn't think much of him and his outfit which I know today as his "uniform"; a checked shirt red and blue, light blue denims and always he's wearing a pair of big retro glasses (70's style). You can buy small replica dolls of Terry wearing his usual outfit and recently he made fun of this by having the doll in an editorial.

One might ask themselves if there is any celebrity he hasn't taken a photo of. If you Google him you'll find a photo with him and President Obama, smiling as always and making thumbs up which is a reoccurring pose he does in photos. I check out his diary often and see which models he's shooting, Lindsey Wixon seems to be his muse right now.
Something I read a while ago is that he's dating a former aide to Hillary Clinton, which came as a shock to me because I thought he was gay after seeing countless photos of him with half naked men. Terry's most recent project is a coffee table book with photos he's taken of Lady Gaga when he followed her around the globe. This is what Gaga wrote about Terry in the book:

Terry finds beauty in the most intricate and unassuming of places. His photography beckons the question over and over again: ‘Should there ever be limitations in art?’ Because when he captures me in a moment of such tandem and artistic human purity, I’m convinced the answer is that we must push the boundaries of culture through love and acceptance,

Don't miss Terry's exhibition in Los Angeles at OHWOW Gallery in February 2012.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue