Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sun is Setting

We skipped lunch unintentionally, so why not a piece of cherry pie we thought...? But then we decided upon something that would still our hunger more, we went for loads of sushi. We ordered in plates of different tasty rolls and a Bento Box. I wish Sweden would adopt the Sushi chefs here in California and make all kinds of rolls with cream cheese, tempura and other delicious ingredients. All the main-stream restaurants in Sweden only serves two types of sushi, just rice with salmon on top and rolls with cucumber, crab stick and mayo, they need to spice it up some more.


Belle de Couture said...

Love your header! Your style is so unique and fun! I love it! Stay true to yourself... it's refreshing to see someone unique in the blogging world!

Just gorg!



gorg photos! that jacket is super cute

Fabrizia said...

These photos are so beautiful, I like them! And you look so pretty!!!

Take a look and follow me if you like
Cosa mi metto???

Angelicaq said...

super fin blogg tjejen

Style Servings said...

Very glamorous outfit!

Victoria Golden said...

Great look!You're quite pretty!