Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hiding in the shade of a palm tree

Hi readers,

This Halloween weekend is over and the whole hectic stress about designing my costume has gone away, you'll soon see who I dressed up as... But I'm writing to you in an entirely different matter, I need to get something of my chest. I know that I have an amount of regular readers, I get a lot of lovely comments. Thank you!
I also know that now when I'm in California my posting have been very sporadic, I'm very sorry for this and I will try to post more. But I hope that you like what you see and I would appreciate it if you follow me on Bloglovin and/or Twitter. If you'd like you can always LIKE my Facebook page.

Much love
Carolinas Couture


.sabo skirt. said...

Lovely outfit! The print on your dress were cute.

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Gail J said...

really love your shoes!! super cute!!

come visit my blog sometimes :)