Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Reads

I should have done this a long time ago but finally I have put up a list of links, "Daily Reads", that you'll find to the left if you scroll down, just under archives. It's a list of blogs I follow in alphabetical order, so it's important to note that the list is not sorted by favorites. Also the photo above is just a random selection of blogs. There is such a large amount of blogs I follow in Goggle Reader and I was not able to put them all in my list.

I will add new blogs I find inspiration from to my list as time passes by. One thing I think is very important for all bloggers is to share links between each other and create networks. Recently I read an interview with a well-known blogger and this person was asked which fashion blogs she reads. The answer was "none"; this got me puzzeled and resentful. How can a fellow blogger not want to check out other similar pages when the person is in the same "business"/ has the same interests? How will one improve if not by looking at other bloggers?

There is surely a bunch out there who think that if a blog is successful then it has to have a lot of readers and the other way around. It might be true... Something that is important for those who have a large amount of readers (some may say successful) is to share were they find inspiration, and everyone should consider adding a list or have a reoccurring segment (post on the blog) with up-and-coming blogs. There are a few out there who do this and you know how great you are. I enjoy finding new blogs I never visited before. I always feel I want to share "finds" with my readers.

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