Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old Town - Wild wild west outfit

I visited Old Town, where the earliest European settlement on the West Coast was established. To get in the right state of mind or just to feel pretty for the day, I put on a white dress with big shoulders, a western inspired belt and completed the look by having pony-tails and some flowers in my hair.
It might look like an amusement park, but there are actually a lot of interesting museums on these grounds. We stepped by the office of the first newspaper in this region (San Diego Union), the first courthouse, the first school etc. They had restored the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel (where fashionable people stayed at the time) and in one restaurant they had begun preparations for "Dia de los muertos" (Day of the Dead).
After walking around for some hours I found myself wanting to see a western movie. In the car back home I closed my eyes and dreamt of the fashion in those days; the long and voluminous skirts...the corset-like tops with puffy shoulders...cowboy boots and hats...

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