Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can bums be fashionable?

When you're in California you can't miss that on too many street corners there are bums or maybe it's better to call them homeless people, standing face dirty and sometimes with a sign that says they need some money to live.
So when I found this editorial from the French magazine Antidote, I thought it was appropriate for the subject.
I'm always thinking that a country as big as the USA should focus more on the people in need in their own country, even though they have a large deficit. It's been a decade of war and sometimes one forget that too many people are living in this country without a roof over their heads.
So back to the fashion world or lala land, the model Magdalena Frackowiak channels her inner bum in these photos. I must say that th stylist of Antidote did a great job and they choose some great locations in Paris. If you haven't heard of this paper before check it out, it's definitely an up and comer in my book.

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue


Snow Black said...

I didn't like the editorial at all. Not because they are immitating homeless people but the clothes were not inspiring.

Alyssa said...

Uninspiring and quite offensive to the homeless.