Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday's Outfit - Patti Smith's Booksigning

I went to the largest department store here in Sweden, NK, to see Patti Smith and get a signed copy of her latest book "Just Kids". But when I arrived the queue was miles long, which I never anticipated. So all I got was too see her in real life which isn't too bad, and a picture to keep as a lovely memory.

Jag åkte till NK här i Stockholm för att få ett signerat exemplar (Just Kids boken) av självaste Patti Smith. När jag anlände möttes jag av en förbluffande lång kö som slingrade sig ut på Hamngatan och nästan ända ner till Norrmalmstorg. Vilken besvikelse, men jag fick see Patti Smith på en meters avstånd vilket inte var helt fel.

Patti signing Just Kids for extremely happy fans


Anne said...

You're back!

Sarah Klassen said...

Wonderful! And as for your outfit, so pretty... how I would love to look in your closet :)