Saturday, September 10, 2011

NY Fashion Week - Spring 2012

Rag & Bone
Once again Rag & Bone shows that they can deliver a fresh and cool collection. I'm very impressed, not only by the plastic fabrics they used, but also the color palette. As a citizen in Sweden you are used to the Nordic fashion designers and this comes very close to what a Swedish designer would produce for a runway show.

Mandy Coon
Mandy has given an edge to her line that is very hard to find for a newbie designer, the black and blue goes well together and the leather details on the clothes are fierce. I would give anything to wear the look above: a leather skirt with transparent black fabric hanging down and a black patent top.

Kevork Kiledjian
Kevork found a great combination: the pink flower print which is also transparent and the military green. Not only this but all of his clothes are extremely sexy, they bare a lot of resemblance to Balmain and Pucci designs and of course all of his dresses shows a lot of leg.


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I love the Rag and Bone photos, so glad it's Fashion Week again. x

TOPCOAT said...

Loving this!!! xx

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