Friday, July 22, 2011

Up-and-comer: Emma Andersson

Swedish fashion of course lies close to my heart as I'm a Swede. I think this little country is flourishing and today we have a crazy amount of fashion blogs, it's unbelievable! A few years ago it all started: girls in their teens began blogging about fashion and now we have a huge generation that are fashion bloggers. It's a little bit scary that there are so many, I hope they don't all rely on getting money from ads and stuff from sponsors... But at the same time people have an interest which makes them meet new people, they write and take beautiful photos, they develop their creative minds and so on...

Another trend we are seeing here in Sweden is that a lot of people are going to design school. We have a lot of successful brands like Acne, Cheap Monday, Whyred, Odd Molly, to mention a few. Yesterday I found this new inspiring Swedish designer, Emma Andersson, which had been featured in Dazed Digital with an interview. I adore people that breaks with the mainstream and as you can see in the pictures of her designs she's doing this beautifully. If I would predict anything right now, it is that maybe Stockholm will be a new fashion capital and that its fashion week will be in the same class as Paris, Milan, New York and London one day.

Photos: Dazed Digital

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