Friday, April 15, 2011

Yesterday's Outfit

Yesterday a new brand Emmett Jeans held a party in a very cozy basement, that was decorated in an appealing way with a bohemian touch; Persian rugs, worn out leather couches, old luggage trunks and jeans all over the walls. And of course all the hipsters and fashion folks that can fit in a large basement were pressing against each other and sweating.
A rugged man was sitting in front a drum set, he was playing southern US rock with a guitar in his hands and it sounded like The Black Keys had taken over the big room. The crowd were pleased with cold drinks in their hands and moving to wonderful music. When the evening was over I brought home this bag, a DVD and some other stuff.

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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

wow that jacket, what a color, so bright, it almost lights up in the dark. perfect with the black. i love the puffy sleeves and the little bow at the front. the clutch makes it so sophisticated. you really look gorgeous girl